• Compact and light off-line bypass oil cleaners.
  • Built around a very compact power pack, they can easily be connected to the oil reservoir.
  • The standard version comes fully equipped with a suction strainer and a GE on/off switch box with thermo-protection. All units have a mounting bracket for quick installation and a pressure gauge to check the element contamination level.
  • All SE off-line oil cleaners are fitted with M-series 2μ absolute filter elements (beta ratio ß2 >400).
  • Standard units are suitable for systems with an oil tank capacity up to 6.000 litres.
  • Low running cost, easy installation & maintenance.
  • Also available for water glycol fluids with coated housing and WG element.
Data sheet SE-series

Typical applications

MOBILE version

A mobile oil cleaner is  perfect for your service & maintenance activities, or for filtering new fresh oil.

We built a very handy mobile rig that can be used for a big variety of applications and service tasks.

We can also supply this SE-mobile unit fitted with a automatic Particle Counter.  CONNECT - CHECK - CLEAN!
Data sheet SE-MOBILE

SE-specials: flexible Setup

The SE50E and the SE100E can be ordered for horizontal installation (BH-version) or for vertical, wall-mount installation (WH-version).

Download the SE100E-BH 3D pdf file
Download the SE100E-WH 3D pdf file

Technical specifications.

Optional equipment can consist of: on/off switch, sampling port, lube oil pump (high viscosity) version, diesel oil pump version. Please always specify fluid type, oil/fluid viscosity and oil temperature. 

SE-series - Technical specifications

Model SE50E-BH SE100E-BH SE200E-BH SE400E-BH SE600E-BH
Article Nr. 230V
Article nr. 400V
Flow rate 1,6 l/m 2,5 l/m 5,0 l/m 9,0 l/m 12,0 l/m
Element type 50 size, M - E - X type 100 size, M - E - X - D - WE - WG type
Nr. of elements 1 1 2 4 6
Max pressure Relief valve opens at 6 bar ΔP
Weight kg 17,0 18,0 23,0 40,0 50,0
Dimension mm 363 x 230 x 460 385 x 230 x 460 470 x 400 x 370 610 x 470 x 370 1080 x 470 x 370


Filter model selection chart - the selection is based on the total volume of oil in your system.

Model up to Lit 500 Lit 750 Lit 1500 Lit 2700 Lit 3600