High capacity solid particle and sludge removal, for

  • Water based fluids, emulsions and process water.
  • Oil based fluids up to max 20 cSt. viscosity at operating temperature.
  • The centrifuges provide highly efficient and reliable liquid/solids separation capability and virtually dry solids discharge without the use of consumable filtration elements.
  • Available with manual operation, or full automatic with touch screen control panel and build-in dirt scraper. The open conic bowl concept allows easy cleaning and removal of the separated dirt. Low maintenance cost.
  • Flow rates from 15 lit/min up to 200 lit/min. No consumables, one-time investment.

Typical applications

  • Coolants for metal, glass or ceramic machining or forming.
  • Surface treatment baths and parts washers, like washing steel plates in metal stamping.
  • Paint shop water.
  • Metalworking, metals pretreatment, wire drawing.


  • Separates micron sized particles, such as aluminum/steel dust, carbon, lens and glass dust, stone dust and mud.
  • Dehydrates and solidifies sludge.
  • Improves machine reliability and product quality.
  • Increases production speed and productivity.
  • Extends useful life of coolants and oil; reduces coolant and oil consumption and prevents deterioration of the fluid. Additives will not be separated.
  • Important reduction of maintenance costs.


Technical specifications manual centrifuges

Model Motor Power Max. flow DRPM Dimensions Weight
TRS30-M 400V x 3 - 50 Hz 0,75 KW max. 30 l/m 2.810 300 x 500 x 377 55 kg
TRS50-M 1,5 KW max. 50 l/m 1.881 300 x 650 x 422 100 kg


Technical specifications automatic centrifuges

Model Motor Power Max. flow DRPM Dimensions Weight
TRS100-A 400V x 3 - 50 Hz 3,70 KW 100 l/m 3.000 630 x 1100 x 1768 650 kg
TRS200-A 5,5 KW 200 l/m 2.500 730 x 1200 x 1768 750 kg