Having the best oil cleaner available is great. But when can you be certain that your oil is perfectly clean? Taking oil samples is a delicate procedure, and oil analysis from a professional lab might take several days.

That's why we introduced our new EXCEL series. It combines our portable and mobile filter rigs with a laser monitoring device/particle counter.
The benefits are clear:

  • EXCEL series = On-line monitoring + Oil Cleaning = immediate results.
  • Filter your oil just as long as necessary to get it perfectly clean.
  • No messy oil samples, no waiting for oil lab oil analysis.
  • TIP: recommended cleanliness levels. Check and compare for yourself.


Typical applications

  • Service oil cleaning.
  • Ideal for a PRO-ACTIVE maintenance program.
  • Connect to any kind of oil driven machine and check the level of contamination. Start filtering that oil and check the digital particle counter. Once you reached your target cleanliness, disconnect and go to the next one.
  • Perfect for service flushing and for cleaning fresh oil when (re-)filling a hydraulic system.
  • Monitoring Hydraulic Testing lines.
  • Monitoring all your oil driven systems and perform additional cleaning if required.

Case Studies

Coming soon!  We have so many happy customers, but they are all so busy with their Excel unit ... no time for a case study yet.

Watch the video on YouTube

NEW EXCEL i-Series

Triple R Europe introduces the new EXCEL Mobile Filter Rigs with built-in contamination monitoring

The Osca-EXCEL features:

  • Built-in particle monitor = MEASURE ON-THE-SPOT = NO GUESSING anymore - NO WAITING for oil analysis lab reports! This is an important advantage because now maintenance technicians can check about the contamination level on-the-spot, and act accordingly.
  • Optional equipment: Quicktoron air bubble remover; improves and increases filtration & monitoring efficiency and accuracy.


Technical specifications

Model Motor Power Flow In / Out Dimensions Weight
Excel i1


0,09 kW 2,3 l/m 3/8" x 3/8" 432 x 372 x 228 16 kg
Excel i2 0,12 kW 5 l/m 1/2" x 10L 470 x 1250 x 500 25 kg
Excel i4 0,37 kW 12 l/m 3/4" x 3/4" 500 x 942 x 850 100 kg
Excel i6 0,37 kW 18 l/m 3/4" x 3/4" 406 x 1042 x 1007 115 kg
Excel i9 0,75 kW 30 l/m 1" x 1" 406 x 1360 x 1207 140 kg