Quicktoron is a device to remove air bubbles from liquids.

It’s based on the cyclone principle, and very efficiently eliminates all the fine air bubbles trapped and mixed inside the fluid.

Quicktoron also helps to retain the filtration performance of filter elements. Most air bubbles have a larger sizes than solid contaminants. When these air bubbles go through the filter elements, they create bigger channels, allowing contaminants to pass through without being captured, and dropping filtration performance of the oil filters.

Quicktoron devices are very compact, easy to install, and offer a very economical solution to remove air bubbles quickly and efficiently.

Typically Quicktoron is used in combination with our OSCA-series.


Consequences of air bubbles in oil

  • Creates excessive noise and vibration.
  • Increases friction and wear of moving parts.
  • Accelerated oxidation of the fluid
  • Accelerated metal corrosion. Lower cooler efficiency.
  • Causes measurement errors.

Benefits of Quicktoron

  1. Eliminates up to 95% of all air bubbles!
  2. Allows to use a small oil reservoir, very common in case of mobile equipment.
  3. Avoids pump cavitation and improves machine reliability and component life.
  4. Extends oil life.
  5. Improves oil filters efficiency.
  6. Improves coolers efficiency.
  7. Improves power transmission and saves on energy

Working principles

Technical specifications

Model Article nr. Flow rate Length Diameter Weight Max viscosity
TRQT-50-SUS TR-45800 9 - 50 l/min 196 mm 88 mm 810 gr 250 cSt
TRQT-100 TR-45805 50 - 100 l/min 270 mm 170 mm 2,7 kg 250 cSt