What causes machine stops?           

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FACT - According to the BHRA (British Hydromechanics Research Association), 80% of hydraulic machine failures are due to contaminated hydraulic oil. A very important fact when you consider that hydraulic oil and lube oil lie at the heart of any type of manufacturing equipment.

Unfortunately pollution in the oil cannot be avoided and is an integral part of every hydraulic & lubrication system. 
  • It starts with the fresh oil. Even new hydraulic fluid is dirty, and typically contains more than 75,000 SOLID PARTICLES >5µ.   
  • Another pollutant is WATER originating from condensation caused by changes in temperature, or from leaking oil cooling systems. 
  • Then in a later stage, the combination of metal particles plus water and oxygen will result in increased and accelerated oxidation of the oil. During this complex process of oxidation, polymerization creates sticky molecular structures, which we normally call SLUDGE or VARNISH. 
These resinous substances leave deposits on all components of the hydraulic system. But due to their microscopic size, varnish deposits cannot be removed by traditional filters, and because of their sticky structure and corrosive effect, they directly affect the efficiency and the reliability of any lube & hydraulic system. 
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