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Number Of Machines machines
Operating hours/year hours/year
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Current machine availability % %

Downtime: machines x x % = hours

Standstill caused by mechanical or electric faults (= 65% of Downtime): = hours
Standstill caused by hydraulic faults ( = 35% of Downtime): = hours
.. of which caused by the contaminated fluid ( = 80% of hydraulic faults): = hours
Total of the fluid-related downtime costs: x =
Total of the labour cost for repair: x =

Total of your maintenance expenditures at this moment:

Perfect fluid service and constantly clean oil will prevent 80% of fluid-related costs.
What remains is just 20% of your actual maintenance cost.

Remaining downtime hours:   -80%   = hours
Reduction in downtime cost:   -80%   =
Reduction in labour cost:   -80%   =

Total remaining with Triple R





Total of your savings




Is the ROI showing a clear financial benefit? Don't hesitate and contact one of our TRIPLE R distributors. They will assist in finding the most cost efficient solution for your application. But just a tip... Do it now. Because the longer you wait, the more your expenses will keep on accumulating, and the longer the risks for breakdowns and production loss will remain.