• Japanese POST: 30.000 trucks fitted with Triple R
  • Evolia - NL
  • Van Werven
  • Zutphen Town Bus Company
  • Skoda trains

Triple R was developed for the US Armed Forces in the 1960’s.

It was created to successfully and safely extend oil drain intervals in military equipment, from tanks to helicopters.

By the end of the 1980s over 500,000 commercial buses, trucks and other equipment had TRIPLE Rfilters  retrofitted to save on oil costs and reduce engine wear.

Installation of TRIPLE R products is simple and ongoing maintenance is just a case of changing an element instead of performing an oil drain. In some cases oil will never have to be drained and replaced, but for most applications we recommend an oil drain after 4 element changes.

The fewer trips you have to make to the shop, the longer your vehicle can stay on the road. And less oil purchased also means less oil used and more money saved. This impact on productivity and expenditure is a big plus for the environment as well as the bottom line profit of any operator!