Unique filter elements

Triple R’s continuous investment in research and development delivers the highest standard of efficiency in oil filtration. Protecting your investments while boosting productivity.

Our filter elements are designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues. 3 in 1, all within a single element – a Triple R unique, unmatched by any filter manufacturer worldwide.


st stage

Big particles are retained on the top of the filter


nd stage

Small particles are trapped in the mid stage of the filter element


rd stage

The smallest particles are trapped in the lower and compressed part of the filter

Triple R filter element M100-H114 in detail

A revolutionary 3-in-1 element design allows to guarantee absolute filtration effectiveness.

The filter design forces the oil to flow through 114mm of engineered filter media and creates 3 distinct stages of filtration. The lower part is compressed by a carton box, creating an even finer filter medium.

The filter becomes an excellent diagnostic tool as big PARTICLES are retained on top.

The cellulose filter media absorbs WATER drops and therefore dries the oil to less than 100 ppm.

The industry’s thickest filter, 114mm to flow trough, combined with Triple R’s filter media, results in the unique ability to absorb and remove oil oxidation residues, well known as VARNISH, or sludge deposits.

TRIPLE R filter cartridges for 3-in-1 oil purification

Triple R filter elements

A unique range of filter elements engineered to fit every application.

Triple R filter elements are all Multipass-tested and guarantee consistent and reproducible micron ratings and filtration efficiency. Contrary to others, all our micron values, dirt, and water absorption capacities are officially documented.

The filter element range comes in 4 sizes (30, 50, 100, and 300), in various filter materials from cellulose to polyester to PP, and in 2 different setups (standard or ‘double stage’ D-series setups).

After 4 years of engineering and research, we are pleased to introduce a world-first: a new V100 VARNISH REMOVAL filter element with a 1-micron absolute filtration efficiency!

V-SERIES = 1 micron absolute
  • ß-ratio’s: ß1 >400 and ß3 = 1000
  • For turbine oil and hydraulic oil – 3 cSt up to 180 cSt
  • Sizes: with M100, E100 and X100
  • various logo print
Triple R filter element V100 nude
  • ß-ratio’s: ß2 >400 and ß3 = 1000
  • For hydraulic oil and Diesel; for 3 cSt up to 180 cSt
  • Sizes: M30, M50, M100, M300
  • Green logo print
Triple R filter element M100
  • ß-ratio: ß3 >75 and ß5=1000
  • For engine oil  – 46cSt up to 180cSt
  • Sizes: E30, E50, E100, E300
  • Blue logo print
Triple R filter element E100
  • ß-ratio’s:  ß5 >75 and ß10=1000
  • For high viscosity oil, and engine oil for a longer filter element life.
  • Sizes: X30, X50, X100, X300
  • Orange logo print
Triple R filter element X100
  • ß-ratio’s: ß3 >75 and ß4=1000 
  • +80% higher dirt holding capacity
  • Sizes: M100, M300
  • Red logo print
Triple R filter element D100
  • WG-series, 5 micron : ß5 >75, for water glycol fluids
  • Models: WG100 (10µ) – DWG100 (5µ)
  • Yellow support band
Triple R filter element WG_DWG100-H114
  • WE100, a unique filter that acts like a  sponge, absorbs up to 900 ml of water, down to <80 ppm. 
Triple R filter element WE100-H114

How to change a TRIPLE R filter insert

Triple R filter cartridges are easy to replace with a little precaution, without even spilling a drop of oil. And you don’t need any special tools to open the filter. Really practical for replacing your filter quickly and cleanly.

Each filter element is vacuum packed. First remove the outer protective plastic film (except for the WE100 filter!).

In addition, there is always a plastic bag in the center tube, especially for collecting the dirty filter. Slide the bag over the filter and carefully pull the contaminated filter element by the straps into the plastic bag.

Expert tip

Use Triple R to analyze the condition of your system and your oil.

When opening the lid of a Triple R filter housing or when changing a filter element, you can quickly check the top of the filter element and see the color of the oil and the solid particles retained on top of the filter element.

The appearance of the filter element and the type of contaminants present on the top allow you to conclude your system’s condition quickly.

Flexible sizing

Triple R filter systems can be used for engines with just 30-litre oil content, up to large machinery and oil volumes, and up to 100.000 liters. Ask your Triple R representative for detailed information.

Therefore, Triple R offers a wide range of filter housings that use from 1 up to 6 filter elements. 

That allows increasing the flow rate or adapting the filter system to various viscosity ranges, from 2-3 cSt up to 320 cSt., and allows the use of Triple R bypass filters for cleaning large oil volumes and for achieving significant flow rates exceeding 100 l/min (>6,000 l/hour).

Triple R filter elements in flexible sizing

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