Triple R Filters: Oil filtration & oil cleaning products

Discover the high-quality Triple R filters designed to meet your specific needs

Our range includes advanced oil filtration systems, cutting-edge oil cleaning solutions, and reliable maintenance equipment.

Each oil filter is meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your operations.

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Filter Elements

All types & models
Triple R Filter elements
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BU Series

Bypass filters
Triple R Filters: BU Series. Bypass filters to clean your oil.
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SE Series

Off line filters
Triple R filter: SE Series bypass filter with motor and pump.
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TR Series

For cleaning engines
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OSCA Series

For cleaning large oil volumes
Triple R Filters: OSCA series. Mobile off-line bypass oil cleaners for high flow rates and for large tank volumes.
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WS Series

Coalescer Water Separator
Water Separator: WS series by Triple R
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Air bubble removal
Quicktoron is a device to remove air bubbles from liquids by Triple R
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SS Series

Large housings
Triple R filters: SS Series Compact build carbon steel housings, containing 2–6 filter elements
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Vacuum dehydrator

High capacity water removal
Vacuum Dehydrator by Triple R: Very fast and highly effective water removing device, meant for high duty applications.
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Eliminate dirt down to 3 µm

Optimize Efficiency and Reliability of Your Machines with Triple R filters

Reduce production downtime

Impurities in the oil of hydraulic and lubrication systems cause up to 80% of all machine breakdowns and production stops.

Triple R bypass oil filters perform total oil purification by removing solid particles, sludge, varnish and water from all industrial oil types.

Triple R filters use a patented low-cost micro filtration technology to remove impurities other systems cannot even detect.

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Oil Cleaning + Contamination Monitoring

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Water separator WSWD

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Quicktoron air bubble removal

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