Water removing Device:
Vacuum Dehydrator

Typical applications

Not every vacuum dehydrator fulfills its promises. But at Triple R our aim is to deliver the best in industry. That’s why leading companies like Volkswagen, SKF, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and many others have choosen for Triple R.

Have a look at our comparison test result and see how much more effective a Triple R vacuum dehydrator proves to be in practice.


Extends oil life. Important reduction of waste oil & disposal cost. Reduces the purchasing cost of oil.

Prevents machines failures and extends the machine life: prevents pump cavitations, prevents machine wear caused by rust, reduces maintenance cost, improves productivity.

Low running cost: no consumables, one-time investment.

Industries where you can use the Vacuum dehydrator


Petro-chemical industry has a wide variety of hydraulic and lubrication systems.


Our 40 years of experience keep us in the forefront for maintenance of marine machinery.


Triple R products are used in plants that generate their power from fossil, nuclear, and renewable sources.

Steel & Iron

Triple R fluid purification systems serve steel and other manufacturers.

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Water Separator: WS Series

When you need a simple water separator that also captures contaminants at the same time.

Water Separator: WS series by Triple R