Off-line bypass oil filter for high volumes:
OSCA series

Typical applications

  • For machinery with large volumes of oil. As a stationary filter system or a mobile oil purifier for service activities.
  • Perfect for lube systems and high viscosity systems.
  • Excellent for service flushing and cleaning fresh oil when filling a hydraulic system.
  • Very successful in cleaning hydraulic testing lines.
  • Heavy industrial press.

Case studies

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OSCA-EXCEL with integrated laser particle counter

Triple R Europe offers the OSCA-EXCEL Mobile Filter Rigs with built-in contamination monitoring.

The Osca-Excel series has the following features, and can be fitted with a large variety of optional equipment.:

Industries where you can use the OSCA Series


Petro-chemical industry has a wide variety of hydraulic and lubrication systems.


Our 40 years of experience keep us in the forefront for maintenance of marine machinery.


Triple R products are used in plants that generate their power from fossil, nuclear, and renewable sources.

Steel & Iron

Triple R fluid purification systems serve steel and other manufacturers.

Car Manufacturers

Triple R has a long record of providing auto manufacturers with a wide range of filter products.

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems have always been our core business.

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BU Series

These bypass oil filters connect directly to your machine and clean the oil when the machine is running.

Triple R Filters: BU Series. Bypass filters to clean your oil.
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SE Series

These bypass filters have their own motor and pump, so they can filter your oil 24/24h.

Triple R filter: SE Series bypass filter with motor and pump.
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SS Series

Looking for oil filtration on a bigger scale? The SS Series are build for larger volumes .

Triple R filters: SS Series Compact build carbon steel housings, containing 2–6 filter elements