Bypass Oil Cleaning

Imagine an oil filtration technology that not only allows oil filters to remove solid particles, but also to absorb water … and eliminate varnish, sludge and other oxidation by-products?

TRIPLE R - 33 years of experience

Efficient filtration and improving oil cleanliness results in important savings. Today everybody knows, and many companies implemented oil management systems for solving their contamination issues.

But how can solid particles as well as water and varnish & sludge be removed?
Our engineers managed to design the most efficient and effective solution available today: Triple R bypass oil cleaners.

With Total Oil Cleaning in mind, our Bypass Oil Cleaners apply a very different, unique technology based on a completely different filter element setup. Actually the filter design forces the oil to flow through 114 mm of engineered filter media and creates 3 distinct stages of filtration. The cellulose filter media absorbs water drops and consequently dries the oil to less than 100 ppm. The industry thickest filter, 114 mm to flow through, combined with Triple R’s engineered filter media results in the ability for absorbing and removing Oil Oxidation Residues, well known as sludge, varnish and tars.

One of a kind

Thanks to its unique properties, TRIPLE R has set a new standard. Oil filters are no longer sufficient. Oil purification is the new standard.

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